All guide content is created with plugins.

Content Plugins

Content plugins take up the foreground of task pages. They are intended to be the primary focus of guide content.



The Text plugin allows you to write text on a page to provide information to whomever plays the guide. All aesthetic values can be customized.

The Question plugin allows the player to respond by typing or verbally dictating with their own words.

The Choices plugin allows the editor to pre-program multiple choice options, which can be programmed to allow either only one selection, or multiple selections.

The Image plugin allows you to insert an image from your device as the content of the page. Customizations include color filters, size, and alignment.

Like the Image plugin, you can insert a video from your device as the content of the page.

The List plugin is for layout purposes. It allows you to put multiple plugins inside of it. Plugins within a list will be arranged vertically.

Like List, the Grid plugin is a layout plugin. It allows you to place multiple plugins inside of it. It arranges horizontally, as a grid, when possible.

Background Plugins

Each background plugin option has individual, unique customizable features.



Like the Image content plugin, you can insert an image on the background, as well.

Place a color in the background for a minimalistic design. With advanced building features turned on, you can create colorful gradients.

The Slideshow background plugin enables you to add a cycle of images that rotate after a short time.

Page Mods



The timer plugin allows your page to have a counting down timer and then possibly auto-advance the user to the next page. You can also prevent the user from skipping the timer

The audio plugin allows your page to play background audio while the user is on the page.

Plugins can have advanced features, which you can explore here.

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