Shelves and Shelf Management

Shelf Management

Guides are stored in shelves. Each shelf can have a title, description, color font and icon. Shelves also can contain multiple members. This is where permissions are managed - at the shelf level.

Create a Shelf

To create a shelf, simply tap the + button in any library you have permission to create shelves in, supply a name, and done! This will take you into your new shelf.

Shelf Settings

You can change various properties about a shelf through it's settings. Simply tap into any shelf, tap the menu button in the top right of your screen and tap settings.

Rename a Shelf

You can rename a shelf and description by typing in the text boxes under shelf properties.

Customize a Shelf

You can customize attributes about shelves via color, icons and font!

Shelf Member Management

You can manage members of your shelf by tapping on the user's card in shelf settings.

Shelf Permissions

Each shelf member has permissions. These permissions control what the given member can or cannot do inside of the shelf.

User Permissions



Play Guides

Allows playing guides in this shelf

Copy Guides

Allows copy guides from this shelf. Users can copy this lesson into any shelf they have edit access to.

Generate Reports

If the user has this permission, they create reports when they play guides

Invite Members

Invite people to your shelf by tapping the + button and entering their email address (associated with MyGuide). Prior to sending the invite, you will be prompted to set their shelf permission. When you are satisfied, be sure to tap the 'save' icon in the top right.

You will need to specify their permissions for this shelf

Remove a Member

Simply tap on any member and tap remove member.

Edit Member Permissions

You can edit member permissions by tapping on the member and tapping edit permissions. Once done, tap the save button.

Delete a Shelf

Delete a shelf from the shelf settings

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